It’s understandable for employers to be apprehensive about hiring younger employees, however, there is an abundance of reasons why, when given the chance, you should hire for talent.

Here’s AvA-V’s very own Craig explaining why you should hire for talent rather than experience…

You'll Find Enthusiastic Talent

Having undergone X number of years in education, new hires come with a thirst to succeed and are ready to utilise the skills and knowledge they have picked up throughout their time at University. These young job seekers are in tune with the latest business trends and practices and are often enthusiastic to make a good first impression by voicing these fresh ideas in the workplace.

Let’s not forget how productive students have to be to tackle numerous modules at once and will take this hard-working mentality into their new role and beyond!

You'll Uncover Hungry Learners

Additionally, younger hires are keen to soak up as much knowledge as possible and your company can take advantage of this ‘blank canvas’ by shaping the role however you see fit within the business. 

Hungry to learn and absorb as much information that comes their way, a new candidate will be prepared to mould into your company and its culture as they’re more impressionable than experienced hires; it is easier to shape them into your ideal employee and eventually your ideal leader. 

Hire For Talent And Gain A New Perspective

Whilst we’re already on the topic of being ‘fresh’, this generation of employees can offer a completely new way of thinking. 

As well as being able to apply current perspectives from academics, there are plenty of reasons why hiring a Gen-Z employee is a clever business move. They are known for their independent nature and are often not afraid to voice their opinions. Having fresh eyes on old projects from such individuals may offer you insights that your organisation may not have noticed otherwise.

These fresh opinions may provide you with the cutting edge to set your company apart from its competitors, who may have an older demographic of employees, whilst also keeping your business on-trend.   

Hire For Talent And Embrace Change

Studying in the library until the early hours, managing multiple deadlines and often juggling part-time jobs on the side (not to mention doing all this on top of keeping up with the sociable uni lifestyle!), students are used to handling numerous tasks at once. This mentality can be transferred into the workplace making them the ideal employee to effectively prioritise the tasks which may come with the role. 

This is particularly the case for the most recent graduates, who not only have had to manage the hectic schedule of being a student but have done this during a pandemic… hats off to them! This pool of talent has proven that they can quickly adapt to work being transferred online, whilst collaborating on group projects effectively and taking online-based assessments. 

If your company is remote-based, this is definitely a strong reason why you should hire for talent.

After seeing their resilience and adaptability to the ever-changing world we live in, we want words with whoever labelled this generation as ‘snowflakes’

Your New Hires Will Be More Flexible

It may already be obvious but we couldn’t miss out on how flexible graduates tend to be. 

Having covered how this generation is most familiar with change, dealing with a global and economic crisis, there is no question that a recent graduate would successfully integrate into your business.

With it likely being their first full-time job, most young people don’t have many commitments or any pre-formed work habits, meaning they will be open to adapting to your company culture and practices.

These younger employees are also less likely to have outside responsibilities, such as family dependencies, making them more flexible with your chosen working hours.

Additionally, in the current circumstances, it is extremely competitive for a young worker, without years of experience, to secure an entry-level role, meaning they’re less demanding of benefits and are instead more willing to get stuck into a role. 

Hire For Talent And Future-Proof Your Business

Their flexible nature means you can shape a high-ceiling hire into the long-term needs of your business and in return, future-proofing your company. 

Realistically, if your organisation has an ageing demographic, you could be hiring younger talent to solve succession planning concerns. Graduates appreciate the risk a company takes when hiring young talent and often pay them back by being loyal to the company. 

They can be natural leaders to take on throughout the business, securing the longevity of your company and reducing the recruitment and hiring costs in the long run. 

There's An UNLIMITED Talent Pool

With 2.38 million UK students currently enrolled at University, there are now more people than ever going through higher education, meaning you will be spoilt for choice of talented individuals to choose from- there could be worse problems to have! 

Being the first generation to grow up with technology, Gen-Z has been on the internet for as long as they can remember. They’re born multitaskers who bring innovative angles to problem-solving and as social media is second nature to them, they have great knowledge of upcoming trends which will only benefit your projects.  

As businesses are likely to continue to operate digitally beyond the pandemic, companies need employees who naturally understand this and can adapt where needed. Not to forget, how much this will reduce costs of training and other hiring expenses.

So... Are You Ready To Hire For Talent?

Here at AvA-V we have a dedicated volume team who can help assess and recruit the best talent there is for your company.

We help train candidates to equip them with the correct skills needed to seamlessly immerse into your business.