We’ve recently seen a rise in candidate job-hopping across the sales industry, with employee loyalty levels causing stress and unease among employers. 

Employee loyalty is a big point of contention in the industry, with businesses wanting to keep hold of top talent for as long as possible.

How many of your top employees have recently been looking for a new job?

Have you been struggling to convince them to stay?

Here’s what your business can do to keep hold of your top talent and prevent your staff from job-hopping.

Build Your Company Culture To Increase Employee Loyalty

A strong company culture plays a huge part in extending employee tenure.

Having a team of friendly, professional and committed employees will encourage people who join your team to act and think the same.

Having a poor retention rate will negatively impact your employer band, which will negatively impact your ability to retain employees.

It’s a problem you must nip in the bud at the beginning, as 40% of people will leave your business due to a toxic environment.

To do this, find incentives that make your business unique.

Deloitte reported that organisations with a strong learning culture have 30%-50% higher engagement and retention rates.

If you want to prevent job-hopping in your business, discover how you can create an environment where people want to stay.

Trust In Your Staff

With all my employees, I listen to them, trust in them, believe in them, respect them and let them have a go! – Richard Branson

One of the most common reasons unhappy employees jump ship is due to a lack of trust from their employer.

Think about it – you hire somebody because of their experience, attitude and skills, so why wouldn’t you let that person do the job they were hired to do?

If you restrict people’s ability to take risks in their role, there’ll be a growing feeling you’re micromanaging them.

People don’t want to be micromanaged.

Trust in them to do the job you hired them for.

Improve Employee Loyalty By Giving People What They Want

All of your employees are unique and, as such, have different motives for staying with your company.

Some are financial, some are convenience-based, and some have to do with progression opportunities.

The thing to note is that every reason for staying with or leaving your company is valid.

For example, in a January 2023 survey, 1 in 5 UK workers (20%) cited a lack of progression opportunities as their main reason for job hunting.

Or did you know that half of the UK’s workers expected a pay rise of 10% in 2023 to cope with inflation?

We’re not just saying you should hand out promotions or bonuses to everybody.

What we are saying is that if somebody has earned an extra something with hard work and commitment, you should actively pay attention so you can thank and reward them when they deserve it.

Employee loyalty stems from an employer who cares about their staff.

Reducing Job-Hopping In Your Salesforce

Those are our top three tips for combatting job-hopping in your business.

Hopefully, you now know how to combat job-hopping and increase employee loyalty in your business.

If not, and you want to know how to hire and retain the very best salespeople, our sales experts can help you uncover top talent that will drive long-term business growth.

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