2024 is fast approaching and so many employers still aren’t aware of alternative recruitment solutions that can help them grow their business.

Consistent and maintainable growth is one of the most vital factors in business success.

Having the ability to grow your team quickly is essential to the long-term success of your company, and alternative recruitment solutions will enable you to do this.

Here’s why they are a requirement for all businesses who want to make 2024 their year.

Skyrocketing Reason Number 1

Saves Time

If you were to conduct your own 1-2-1 interviews, you would spend time reading CVs, screening candidates, conducting final stage interviews and offering your chosen applicants.

The time it would take you to do the cornerstone features of a thorough hire is roughly 40 hours. However, this time will be spread out over several days. In total, according to the Top 100 Hiring Statistics for 2022, the average length of the hiring process is 36 days.

Let’s compare this to an alternative recruitment, conducted by a specialist.

If you were to partner with AvA-V on a Volume Hiring campaign, you would reduce the time spent in the recruitment process to just 3.5 hours.

That’s because all you have to do is partake in your bespoke group interview (that we designed!)

Spend more time growing your business elsewhere – let us handle your alternative recruitment strategy.

Skyrocketing Reason Number 2

Helps You Increase Profits

Indeed reports that it can cost employers up to $20,000 (roughly £16,000) to make a new hire.

This total is made up of several factors: recruiter wages, technology costs, and so on.

But did you know you can bring this cost down significantly by engaging with an AvA-V alternative recruitment solution?

Doing this will save costs on paid advertising, facilities and, of course, manpower.

Not only do our alternative recruitment solutions save you money upfront, but they also guarantee a return on your investment.

We can promise this due to the first-class talent in your interview.

If you hire a candidate who leaves the role shortly after starting, you’d normally have to conduct a full candidates hunt to find their replacement.

Not with alternative recruitment.

Because you’ve already seen your talent in action, you (should) have a shortlist of candidates who didn’t quite cut it and who are still eager to work for your company.

You can rest easy knowing that should the worst happen, you can make quick replacements to keep business momentum going.

Skyrocketing Reason Number 3

Frees Up Time To Grow Your Business Elsewhere

To achieve your desired growth plan, you naturally need to put the work in to find candidates and persuade them to work for your business.

It’s a staple of the hiring process, and shouldn’t be that much of a shock.

But, as mentioned earlier, recruitment can be a long process for businesses, and you can’t afford to spend all your efforts hiring.

You do have a business to run – and considering 41% of recruiters struggle to fill entry-level positions, now’s the time to embrace alternative recruitment.

When you partner with AvA-V, you’ll be partnered with a dedicated Volume Hiring expert who will look after the entire process.

We’ll use a combination of our internal database, specialist candidate platforms and the headhunting power of Sales Trained Recruiters.

They’ll tailor your approach to your business requirements, finding candidates specifically for you.

So that’s the power of alternative recruitment solutions.

If you have big growth aspirations for 2024 and want to increase your headcount over the next 12 months, have you considered the power of volume hiring with AvA-V?

You’ll receive a bespoke solution that finds candidates just for your business, making 5+ hires who’ll slot seamlessly into your salesforce.

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