The December Dip – the true test of a seasonal salesforce.

The time to see how much you really want to set yourself up for the year ahead.

You may sometimes notice that your sales take a hit during December. And the worst part – some of it is self-inflicted.

A reported 31% of work activity switches from marketing and sales to admin or planning.

The only dips you should face this Christmas are the ones on your dinner. 

What’s your favourite, by the way? Ours would have to be Cranberry Sauce.

So, let’s focus on what you can do to overcome the December Dip and make the most of the seasonal sales.

Firstly, Keep At It

As every manager and leader says, persistence is key.

In other words, you won’t make sales if you don’t proactively prospect.

You may have already hit your quota for the year, but slowing momentum this month will affect your start to 2024.

Don’t settle once you become one of the 60-70% of sales reps that hit quota – strive to make as many sales as possible.

Up Next, Offer December Incentives

This is a concept that works for both your sales team and your prospects.

After all, who doesn’t love some seasonal motivation?

You can offer luxurious discounts for prospects who purchase from you before Christmas. This could be a follow-up from your Black Friday campaign (if you had one) or an entirely separate discount.

65% of shoppers say discounts affect their decisions during the holiday season.

Can you afford to let so many customers get away without speaking to them?

Incentives also work internally.

Like your prospective customers, your sales team will be excited about the upcoming time off with their families, so set them up for an even more enjoyable break with bonus incentives.

These rewards could be monetary, an early finish or a special company-wide treat.

Don’t be shy to offer something extraordinary to overcome the December Dip.

Thirdly, Save The Meetings Until Next Year!

42% of businesses do nothing proactive during the festive season.

Whilst a meeting may seem proactive, there’s so much more you could be doing in that time.

Think of how many leads you could reach and how many decision-makers you could pitch to.

Spend your time being proactive – the meetings can wait.

Number Four, Learn To Pace Yourself

Whilst persistence and momentum are vital to avoiding the December Dip, you must learn when to stop.

Overworking can lead to an even bigger dip than if you were to stop working.

This is due to burnout.

23% of employees reported feeling burned out at work very often.

Stay on the ball during the festive period, but don’t get too wrapped up in the pressures that seasonal sales can bring.

Finally, Acknowledge The Time Of Year In Your Process!

Prospects prefer to receive a sales pitch that is personalised and relevant.

Customers can tell if you’re reading the same script you’ve read to thousands of other people.

They’ll be put off from purchasing from you, and you’ll become demotivated due to a lack of interest in your company.

It’s time to make your pitch relevant.

Talk about what’s happening in your business this Christmas, ask them what plans they have, and what their business is doing during the festive season.

These are all steps that will build trust with customers.

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