Should you require help prospecting, closing deals or managing accounts, AvA-V’s BESPOKE Sales Training Courses will get the best out of your salesforce.

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Should you require help prospecting, closing deals or managing accounts, AvA-V’s BESPOKE Sales Training Courses will get the best out of your salesforce.

See How Here…

We offer a range of training solutions that walk your sales team through the entirety of the 7-stage sales cycle. To assist with individual, team, and business growth, we create bespoke Sales Training plans for whichever stage of the cycle your team needs assistance with.

Our unique and innovative solutions are delivered by specialists with decades worth of experience delivering bespoke Sales Training and Sales Leadership Training.

Built upon the core fundamentals of sales skills, our Sales Training is designed to suit the specific needs of your salesforce. Whether your team need help sourcing leads or negotiating and closing deals, our bespoke Sales Training will be tailored to your requirements as a business to enhance performance.

Our training is unique as it features innovative ways of learning and instilling knowledge into your staff. 

We don’t offer “off-the-shelf” training solutions, as our programmes can accommodate your needs. We also practice a more practical way of learning. Rather than sitting in rows watching a presentation, our training involves interaction with professionals, extended communication with experts and implementing leaders directly into your business.

We can also embed learning further by having regular check-ins during and after your training has concluded. This allows us to understand what worked and to adapt our approach if necessary.

To guarantee a return on your investment, we take your business goals and aspirations and create a programme designed specifically to meet your business goals.

For training to be successful, delegates need to understand the goals that they’ll be working towards. This is why we develop bespoke sales training plans that will help delegates EXCEED their goals, meaning you will feel a return on your investment.

It is important to track progression and development to determine the success of sales training. After all, you can’t measure what you haven’t managed. 

To guarantee that your training has been a success, we conduct post-training surveys and questionnaires that help us determine the effectiveness of our training. We gather individual feedback from delegates and our trainers, review the success of the programmes, establish if there are any other areas that you require support in and if delegates are on target to meet their goals after experiencing our training.

We offer courses of varying lengths depending on what you require from your training. We offer 1-hour sessions AND training in bulk, but you can have as much training as you want!

The hourly session is perfect for 1-2-1 refreshers, a flexible approach and those that need a lighter approach.

The full-day sessions can be delivered in one full day or across two half days and are perfect for individuals at the beginning of their sales journey OR looking to pursue the next chapter of their career; Bigger groups that would benefit from more practical sessions and those who require help across extended topics.

We understand that those who require training will not be at the same point in their career. Whether you’re just starting your sales career or preparing to build your own team for the first time, we want our training to make a difference in your career. 

Our training programmes are virtual or face-to-face. How your training is delivered will depend on the course length, the number of people involved and the learning style that best suits your staff! 

Our training is bespoke and can be adapted to the needs of your business.