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Specialist Recruitment For Specialist Businesses

AvA-V work with businesses to find their next superstar.

We understand that your industry is constantly evolving, with new ideas introduced continuously.

Because of this, the need for top professionals who can adapt and evolve with your business is crucial.

We’ll narrow down CVs, headhunt candidates and fill any vacancy you have.

Here are some of the roles we’ve recruited for.

Hiring an engineering specialist can be challenging. After all, you must ensure your hires fit within the mould of your business and whose vision aligns with business operations.

AvA-V are engineering recruitment experts who’ve recruited for roles such as.

  • Validation Engineer
  • Data Centre Engineer
  • Project Engineer 
  • Process Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer 
  • Electrical Engineer

Finding top-class manufacturing talent on a global scale can help you drive growth and implement new ideas. As such, working with a dedicated manufacturing recruitment specialist is key to finding the best candidates.

These are just some of the manufacturing roles we’ve recruited for recently.

  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Senior Supervisor
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Production Manager
  • CX Manager

Due to the consistently high standards required of the food & beverage industry, the need for first-class professionals remains critical.

Here are some of the roles we’ve previously recruited for.

  • Technical Assistant
  • Food Technologist
  • Technical Manager
  • Senior Quality Assurance
  • Production Manager
  • Operations Manager
Global Recruitment - AvA-V



The great thing about partnering with a Global Recruitment Agency is that we can recruit for roles in any country.

We’re not limited by time zones – we’ll work any hours in the day to ensure we partner your business with the perfect candidate. 

We’ve recruited for specialist roles in over 50% of the world’s countries – here are just some examples.

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Growing Your Business With World-Class Hires

Specialist Recruitment is the catalyst you need to increase profits and boost performance.

By developing a bespoke solution, we hope to pair your business with experts who understand the requirements of your industry.

Can you really afford to miss out on working with a specialist recruitment agency?

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