Effective collaboration is key to success in all avenues of life.

It takes 2 people to sing a duet, 11 to make a football team and 4 to run the 4x100m relay.

In business, collaboration comes from departments that band together to share skills, knowledge and attributes. To produce optimal business performance, employees must combine their skills to create an effective collaboration strategy.

Is your business using collaboration to its full potential, or are you a team full of individuals?

If it’s the latter – don’t worry. Every business experiences droughts in teamwork from time to time. In fact, 97% of employees and executives believe a lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project.

Teamwork can help align visions to create the foundations for success.

We have the answers to help you turn it around.

Here’s how you can implement successful collaboration into your business to help achieve results.

Successful Collaboration Helps People Learn

People learn and pick up habits from others. It’s part of human nature.

Working as a team allows for more opportunities for people from different divisions to meet, share conversations and learn more about each other.

It also helps them develop new skills.

Let’s say you have a sales division and a marketing team that don’t collaborate as much as they should.

By grouping them on a business-wide project, you will subconsciously encourage them to spend more time together and develop skills they can incorporate into their day-to-day roles.

The Sales Executive could learn how to write a great LinkedIn post and the Trainee Marketer could learn how to effectively deal with inbound business enquiries.

This learning can also occur from Manager to Executive. A business leader could share vital knowledge with their new hires during a collaborative project.

Effective collaboration is vital to both personal and professional growth.

Collaborate To Educate

Effective Collaboration Increases Productivity

When deciding whether to assign a task to a group or an individual, you should consider how each person involved works.

Some people naturally work better by themselves, but some have never demonstrated effective collaboration.

People who have never worked in a team could find a new way of working by collaborating with others.

Lone working can lead to increased distraction levels, loss of focus and procrastination. Having others around us to motivate and focus will benefit everybody involved.

Successful collaboration also allows tasks to be delegated to those most qualified to complete them, rather than having a person stumble their way through projects they don’t really understand.

Geese are the perfect example of how a collaborative approach and teamwork can yield fantastic results.

Geese famously fly in a V shape to concert energy. Each bird flies slightly above the bird in front of them, resulting in a reduction of wind resistance. They use their collectiveness to help each other along.

They also fly with a leader at the peak of the formation who will guide the rest along. When this leading goose gets tired, another goose will take the lead to allow the previous leader to rest.

They actively look after one another and make sure they stick together. Should one goose fall behind, another will go back and support them until they’ve recovered.

Geese set a great example for us all – we should always help one another to increase our productivity.

If you haven’t previously, try taking inspiration from geese when seeking effective collaboration – you may be surprised by the results.

Fun Fact: The V in our name actually represents the formation of geese, as we believe in supporting one another and looking after our own.

Effective Collaboration Increases Employee Engagement

As connections develop between teams, your employees will start to naturally trust more people in the business.

Building bonds with colleagues can be difficult if they never see each other. Depending on if your business is office-based or remote, they may not even have the opportunity to share a lunch break.

This shouldn’t stop successful collaboration from occurring.

Many online tools, platforms and communication channels can connect your employees. Whether they want to share ideas on a project or discuss other business matters, technology should allow them to connect.

Online collaboration tools scale up productivity by 30% – don’t let a lack of technology hamper your team’s productivity.

Not only will successful collaboration influence engagement levels, but it will also increase staff retention levels.

Collaboration lays the foundation for a more open, connected, and engaged workplace – something many employees seek more often.

If you can demonstrate that your business offers consistent opportunities to work with others, you will become a more appealing employer.

Connections and atmosphere matter to people – increase engagement and retention rates with effective collaboration.

Collaborate To Engage

Successful Collaboration Will Empower Your Staff

Collaborative projects allow people to speak up and have input who normally wouldn’t have a say.

Group projects are the perfect opportunity to gain thoughts and insights from people who are too quiet to speak or spend most of their time working alone.

Successful collaboration will not only see team unity, but it will also make your staff feel more valued.

Letting them get involved in projects, giving them assigned roles and letting them have a say in big decisions will help them feel valued.

Not only will it make them feel wanted, but it also provides the perfect platform to unearth skills. People often possess raw talent that they didn’t know they possessed, and collaborative work is often the platform that reveals these skills to the,

If you assign projects to groups, you can start to see people who possess natural leadership skills, who communications the best and who takes the lead and guides the others.

Give your staff the say they deserve with effective collaboration.

Using Successful Collaboration To Drive Business Growth

Effective collaboration is essential for all businesses for so many reasons.

Not only can it unify the team and help people feel more engaged, but it allows ideas to be shared that may otherwise have been left in the dark.

With increasing competition in all sectors, it’s become increasingly important to encourage collaboration in the workplace.

Encourage teamwork to drive business growth and make your staff feel valued.