Hiring new employees can be a long, expensive and tedious process. If your business plans to hire multiple candidates for one position, the process can begin to feel even longer.

There is a cheap and easy solution to this problem.

What is a group interview?

A group interview is when an interviewer meets with multiple candidates at once. By grouping candidates together, a recruiter may save themselves lots of time throughout the interview project. Whilst group interviews are typically longer sessions, they can help save time overall by cutting down on the number of 1-2-1 interviews held.

What is a group interview used for?

A group interview consists of more than two candidates who wish to apply for the same position. Group interviews are fantastic when a company wants to hire multiple candidates simultaneously for the same role.

These interviews are effective when hiring for entry/mid-level positions that don’t require much industry experience. Group interviews focus more on personality rather than qualifications. They can be profitable for businesses in industries such as Hospitality, Retail, Recruitment or Sales.

AvA-V offers group interview sessions to businesses that wish to hire multiple candidates. We create a bespoke plan depending on the role, location and required number of candidates.

Here’s just a snippet of what is a group interview…


Group Interviews Save Time and Money

Group interviews are popular amongst business owners because they take up less time than individual interviews. 

By conducting your interviews at set times, you can set more time aside to develop your business in other areas. This time can expand even further if you get a dedicated team of recruiters to handle your initial screening process.

How do group interviews work? What is a group interview process?

AvA-V’s recruiters will conduct your initial screening process for you, meaning you only have to be present during the group interview.

Group interviews are also a cost-efficient solution to your recruitment problems.

How is a group interview a cost-effective solution?

Rather than paying a dedicated recruiter to sit for days/weeks to conduct individual interviews, why not group every interview and create a cheaper and faster solution?


It is Easy to Find Raw Talent

On the surface, it may appear more commonplace for your candidates to all retreat into their shells in the comfort of a group interview. In reality, there are no places to hind in a group interview.

This is a great thing for you as it allows you to spot the natural leaders in the pack.

What is a group interview useful for?

Group interviews are often less about experience or qualifications and more focused on personality, confidence and presentation skills.

The activities and tasks that candidates partake in during group interview discussions are where you will find your shining candidates.

What is a group interview discussion?

A group interview discussion is one of the best ways to narrow down your shortlist to find the correct candidates for your business.

These candidates will lead activities, start discussions and answer questions. It quickly becomes clear that these candidates deserve the chance to work for your business. They will make themselves known to you – a definite advantage of group interview!


Group Interviews Create Less Bias

What is a group interview going to do to remove bias?

Group interviews are one of the most effective ways of removing bias during the hiring process. They allow us to see all candidates simultaneously with no preconceptions or assumptions about who they are.

Group interviews are one of the best ways to use anonymised interview techniques to find the best candidates for their abilities and not for who they are.

By getting a recruitment company such as AvA-V to conduct your initial screening and interview process for you, your first judgment of the candidates will be when you see them as a group. 

You can be sure that all the candidates selected for the final interview will be there on merit. This allows you to make the best choices for your business.

What is a Group Interview and How can it Benefit Your Business?


You Can Future-Proof Your Business

Future business stability is one of the main attractions of group interviews.

But what is a group interview going to do to future-proof my business?

As we previously discussed, a group interview is most valuable when hiring multiple candidates simultaneously. If these candidates are applying for entry-level positions requiring less experience, there is a high chance they will be younger candidates.

This is fantastic when it comes to securing the long-term future of your business.

Hiring young and hungry candidates eager to learn and develop is the fuel that will keep your business burning.

Whether you expect some of your employees to retire in 5, 10 or 15 years, it can be an advantage of group interview to take on multiple fresh faces now to prevent your business from stagnating in future.

AvA-V can help you find the correct people by conducting your group interview process for you. We have several individuals waiting in our graduate talent pool who are eager to take the first big step in their careers.

So… What Is A Group Interview And How Will It Benefit Me?

A group interview could be the key to solving your recruitment problems.

Group interviews provide a cost-effective and impartial solution to many common problems recruiters may face.

Group interviews are a huge time saver for businesses of all sizes looking to take on multiple candidates. If you need an influx of entry-level employees, a group interview could be your best friend.

AvA-V champions the advantage of group interview for all businesses.

We can offer you a combined recruitment and training package to ensure potential employees are ready for any challenges they may face.

So if you’re still left thinking:

“What is a group interview?” 🤨


“What is a group interview going to do for my business?” 🤔


“What is the advantage of group interview?” 📈

Hopefully, you now know the benefits that come with conducting group interviews.

If a group interview would benefit your business, get in touch with AvA-V so we can provide you with a bespoke volume hiring solution for your business.

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