When going through the hiring process, it is essential that, as a recruiter, you understand what does a good CV look like.

In order to avoid making hiring mistakes and to bring the right candidate on board, you need to be sure what you’re looking for. To help you realise this, understanding what a good CV should look like is a vital first step in your hiring process.

At AvA-V, we recently conducted a LinkedIn poll to ask recruiters and hiring managers what does a good CV look like in their eyes and what would make a candidate stand out to them.

Here are the results…

A Good CV Should Be Tailored To Your Business

How does a CV look like when it’s tailored to your company?

Bespoke is a vital detail in any candidate application that will be one of the first signs of whether or not you could see them as an employee at your company. In fact, a reported 63% of recruiters want to receive resumes tailored to their role.

If you spot a CV that discusses the job title word for word, mentions your company name and highlights the skills they have that fit the role, you can determine that they want this opportunity. 

If a candidate takes the time to adapt their CV to your business, they could definitely be worth a conversation, as it shows that they’re passionate about the opportunity.

What Does A CV Look Like When It’s Formatted Properly

The next most popular answer in our poll – a properly formatted CV was seen by recruiters as an essential aspect of a successful application.

An easy-to-digest, signposted CV will do wonders for any applicant. As the hiring manager, you shouldn’t wonder what does a CV like and what are it’s core aspects.

When discussing what a cv should look like, consider the following:

Structure – Is the resume broken down into sections with clearly signalled headings and separators between each section?

Spelling – Does the application use proper English and correct punctuation, and is it mistake free?

Flow – Does each sentence lead on from the last? Or is information thrown in randomly?

If you notice any of the above errors, they can be signs of either a lack of time or care for their application – an obvious sign of a poor CV.

How To Spot What A Good CV Looks like

What Does A Good CV Look like - It Starts Strong

Thirdly in our discussion of what a cv should look like, we have a strong beginning.

A good CV should be enjoyable as it should flow cohesively from start to finish. Just like a good book, a good CV should be something that, as a recruiter, you just can’t put down.

However, to enjoy the read, you must be hooked by the opening to experience the rest.

This all starts at the very beginning – how does a cv look like when it starts?

What makes a good CV stand out is the opening section. Is there an introductory paragraph? Does it list the candidate’s biggest successes and abilities? How does a cv look like when you first open it?

A candidate may possess all the skills and qualifications you require, but you may easily miss these qualities if kept to the bottom of the page.

A CV with an informative yet concise opening shows that the candidate possesses both writing skills and an understanding of how to use them. These are fantastic skills that any leading candidate should have – and something you should take note of when understanding what does a cv look like.

An AvA-V Summary

As a recruiter or hiring manager, knowing what a good cv looks like is vital.

If you want to know how does a good cv look like, it will be lively, full of personality, easy to read and detailed.

If you’re ready to understand what a good CV looks like or how does CV look like, get in touch today!

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