As we approach that time of year when students add the final sentences to dissertations and submit their last projects, employers up and down the country should be preparing to host a group assessment interview to find raw talent.

Despite the amazing talent sitting in the graduate talent pool, there is a surprising lack of businesses that do not utilise group assessment interviews to seek their next wave of talent.

It’s surprising because there is so much that businesses can gain by hiring fresh talent.

Here’s why, if you haven’t already, you should consider hosting a group assessment interview.

A Group Assessment Interview Lets You Compare Candidates Live

In a traditional interview format, you have to dedicate set times to each candidate. You traditionally sit opposite a candidate you will give your full attention to and pass judgment on.

Whilst this can be great for making very specific notes about a candidate’s profile, it can subconsciously hinder your final judgment.

If you wish to make multiple hires and sit interview after interview, you risk blurring the lines between applicants. 

“Which candidate was the Sales Manager again? Was it applicant A or applicant B that had the shining personality?”

Even if you make your mind up on a candidate in the first 5-15 minutes, you could still merge interviews if you sit too many.

A group assessment interview allows you to compare candidates die by side during the interview. You’ll no longer have to go back through old interview recordings or read through pages of notes.

A group assessment interview completely removes the trouble of making hiring decisions, allowing you to compare candidates in real time and make a more informed final decision.

They Help You Spot Natural Talent

If you desire an environment where talent can shine, there is no better setting than a group assessment interview.

The reason that so many companies choose volume hiring is that they require an influx of raw talent. Whether they need salespeople with communication skills or recruiters who spot talent in others, companies who choose the group interview path often know exactly what they’re looking for.

If you want to hire, a group assessment is best because you can see the cream of the crop. Rather than sitting through interviews with shy and unenthusiastic applicants, spend your time focusing on the best of the bunch.

You’ll be able to tell who has natural talent as they’ll be the ones leading the rest of the group. They’ll have the most input in conversations and be eager to show off their skills.

If you wish to hire raw talent that can be moulded into whatever role you desire, a group interview is the best setting to find that talent.

Group Assessment Interviews Will Save You Money

The hiring process is costly and, if conducted poorly, can lead to your business throwing money away.

The average cost of a new hire is approximately 20-30% of their base salary. This figure can drastically increase if you:

  • Hire the wrong candidate in the first round.
  • Have an unnecessarily long recruitment process.
  • Can’t find the right candidate at all.

The overall cost per hire can be reduced if you choose to hire multiple candidates at once!

Why would you not want to conduct a group interview?

They're Convenient For You

Due to the fact that there will be so many candidates in your group assessment interview, you need to adapt to suit your needs and the needs of the interviewees.

That’s what group interviews are – adaptable.

To help you see the greatest success in your hunt for top talent, a group assessment interview with AvA-V can be adapted to your business needs.

AvA-V group interviews with AvA-V can be held virtually or face-to-face, depending on the location and number of candidates you want to invite.

This is a great time saver for your business. Group interviews take less time out of the working week and allow you to focus on developing your business.

Why spend up to a whole week interviewing candidates when you can see them all in the space of a few hours?

It’s Time To Host Your Group Assessment Interview

Your business has access to an influx of raw talent that can benefit your business long-term.

Group assessment interviews are time and cost-effective solutions to your hiring problems that let you compare candidates side by side.

They highlight the strongest applicants and help you spot the leaders of the future – both of which will help future-proof your business.

There should be no debate about it – let AvA-V help you find the best talent on the market!

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