They’ve not been out of the spotlight since their takeover of Wrexham A.F.C, and the upcoming premiere of Welcome To Wrexham Season 2 will help keep that train in motion.

Ever since Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney completed the takeover of the world’s third-oldest football club, global headlines and news outlets have stuck to the club like glue.

From the first-time promotion failure to the triumph of the 2022/23 season, Wrexham’s journey has been gripping.

The story surrounding the club culminated in the release of Welcome To Wrexham in August 2022.

This Disney+ release was a stroke of genius, as it highlighted Reynolds’ and McElhenney’s dedication to the club – despite having no previous ties.

And whilst there may now be many clubs taking inspiration from Ted Lasso by jumping on the “behind doors” act, something about Welcome To Wrexham is different.

Whilst it was undoubtedly an entertaining watch, there are several key lessons that all businesses can take from the Wrexham model.

So, as we anticipate the release of Welcome To Wrexham Season 2, let’s take a moment to analyse how Wrexham can be a shining example of success for all businesses.

Teamwork Makes Any Business Stronger

One thing that Wrexham taught us is that having a tight-knit team will yield success.

In the documentary, we can see bonds forming between everyone at the club.

Not just between the players, but with the coaches, doctors and kit staff.

Collaboration and building genuine relationships was a theme clearly displayed in season one.

Teamwork is a theme that we’re likely to see highlighted again in Welcome To Wrexham Season 2, as we observe the strong bonds that influenced their title-winning season.

Take a look at your team. Do you see genuine relationships forming amongst your staff? Or do you see a group of people who only view each other as colleagues?

Encourage your people to socialise. Developing bonds that run deeper than surface level could help everybody in your team shine.

Leader Involvement Spreads Positivity

It’s very rare in modern sports that you see owners as involved in the club as Reynolds and McElhenney.

Most football club owners have little to do within the club, outside of funding transfers and investing in off-field developments.

The way Wrexham operates is the complete antithesis of this.

In the first series of Welcome To Wrexham, we learn how involved the two really are.

Wrexham's Vision

Outside of regularly attending fixtures, Reynolds and McElhenney can be seen investing in community schemes and voluntary staff, amongst other things.

It was a sign that they truly cared about all aspects of the club.

They didn’t just become owners – they became valuable members of the Wrexham community.

As a leader, are you actively involved in the day-to-day operations of your business?

Do you have a space on the office floor, or do you lock yourself away in your office?

Take some time to reflect on how you could be more involved with your team.

Invest In The Right People

Despite how involved they like to be, Reynolds and McElhenney will be the first to admit they didn’t know anything about football before they completed the Wrexham takeover.

Reynolds went on record, joking that “Your average five-year-old in Wrexham has forgotten more about football than we will ever know”.

In order to enhance the Wrexham name further, the new owners needed the right people in place to make things happen.

They had the popularity – they needed the knowledge.

To help make their dream a reality, they looked for experienced experts who had worked at the very top of the game.

They recruited advisors from Leeds, Southampton and Liverpool, hired a manager who had worked with Bolton and Sunderland, and even hired an experienced CEO who had sat on the board of the Football Association’s Women’s National League.

They even applied this logic to the playing staff, signing veteran goalkeeper Ben Foster halfway through the 22/23 season. Foster would go on to play a crucial role in Wrexham’s title win, demonstrating that experience really does pay off.

Does your business have the right people in place? Do you have a mixture of experience and potential?

Consider the areas where you could invest in your team to enhance business performance.

Competition Makes You Stronger

The 2022/23 National League season saw Wrexham pushed to their limits.

Despite off-field successes, the club spent the playing season in a neck-and-neck race with Notts County for a place in the football league.

This race spanned the entire 46-game season, with Wrexham eventually triumphing on a grand total of 111 points – a league record.

But this record may not have been broken if it wasn’t for the presence of Notts County.

Fierce competition and a reason to keep going allowed Wrexham to be the best version of themselves, leaving no margin for error.

Take a look at your competitors. When was the last time you analysed their strategies? Have you noticed a recent change in their business?

A crucial aspect of business success comes from analysing the work of those around us and seeing how we can improve ourselves.

Build A Story Around Your Business

Wrexham's Story

One of the reasons why the first series was so popular was because of the “fairytale feel” surrounding the club. This feeling is likely to continue into Welcome To Wrexham Season 2.

It’s a picture that’s been displayed across the media: the world’s third oldest football club, stuck in a non-league rut, rescued by two Hollywood superstars.

It’s a story that garnered global interest, regardless of your affiliation with the sport.

And it worked, as the followers of the Club’s social media increased by 19.2% after the release of season one.

Your business has a story to tell, so why not incorporate it into your marketing strategy?

You could discuss the origins of your business, how you decided on a name and what makes your business unique.

Do Something That Will Make Your Stand Out

Welcome To Wrexham has taught us that success is achieved when:

  • People collaborate.
  • Experience meets enthusiasm.
  • There’s a feel-good factor around your business.

As you prepare to watch Welcome To Wrexham Season 2, reflect on the business lesson displayed throughout the show.

See what you can do to make your business stand out.

And whilst we’re not suggesting making a documentary, you should find a way to spread the word about your business.

Take lessons from Wrexham – allow your business to shine.

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