As Liverpool prepares to host the Eurovision Song Contest, the nation’s excitement is growing.

The UK was chosen to host the competition on behalf of last year’s winner, Ukraine. This decision has helped bring a positive feel to Liverpool, the North West and the Nation.

Before we all get swept up in the Eurovision hype, we should take a step back and look at the wider picture of Eurovision.

There are several lessons that businesses of all sizes can learn not just from the UK’s previous entries, but Eurovision as a whole. The competition provides millions with opportunities to learn, grow and be themselves, something many businesses could do better.

So as we wait for the day of the final to arrive, let’s look at how the Eurovision Song Contest can help businesses review strategies and change for the better.

It’s Not Failure - it’s An Opportunity For Growth

The UK’s 21st-century entries to the Eurovision Song Contest have been notoriously, well…

Low Scoring.

The country had built up a reputation for dreadful Eurovision acts, and it’s a reputation that was well-deserved.

In fact, the UK has only ranked in the top 10 on 3 occasions since the turn of the century. This dreadful run has peaked in the past decade or so, with the UK ranking no higher than 15th between 2010 and 2021.

This dreadful run ended in 2022, when Sam Ryder and his track Space Man came 2nd, only losing out to winners Ukraine.

But how can this help your business review strategies?

Well, businesses can learn that adapting and changing their approach can yield positive results.

Whilst change can be scary, it is often required to help us move forward and achieve our goals. If your business has been struggling to exceed targets or create sustainable growth, try using the UK’s Eurovision entries as an example.

After a poor string of results, the country decided to take a strand and review strategies to see where they could improve. This change resulted in the country’s highest-placed finish of the 21st century and a new outlook on the competition.

In the business world, this may be triggering an employee reshuffle, the implementation of a new growth plan or the incorporation of new policies into the business. Whilst these can all be daunting prospects, they can be achieved with determination and hard work.

Adapting your approach doesn’t have to be bad and it certainly doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Review strategies to achieve greater results.

Review Strategies for Growth

Don’t Give Up When You Review Strategies

Despite claims that the UK has recently not taken the Eurovision Song Contest seriously, a large part of the UK population treats it as the serious talent show it is.

As much as we like to laugh and joke about some of the performances over the years, it did appear like the UK was giving up on the competition.

That was until 2022 and the arrival of Sam Ryder. His performance showed us that the UK hadn’t given up and that they were very much still trying.

Your business can do the same.

Every business hits barriers and it can be difficult to overcome obstacles. This can lead to despair and create a desire to give up.

Don’t give in to these feelings.

Turning setbacks into stepping stones for growth is essential if you want to continue the success of your business. Even if you’ve been impacted by stress and negativity, don’t give up! The UK’s Eurovision team never did…

Your People Deserve A Say When You Review Strategies

A rising trend of great modern businesses is providing their employees with a voice. Whilst final business decisions may be approved at the board level, many employees are being asked for their opinion given a voice.

As Eurovision is about culture and togetherness, let’s look at how different nations’ review strategies approach the event.

Sweden is one of the biggest players in Eurovision, both in terms of performance and structure. They have a well-established process for selecting their entry to the competition. Anybody can enter, with the winner chosen by an independent music industry body and a final public vote.

This is a democratic process that allows everyone to have a say.

Compare this to the UK’s approach to artist selection. The UK typically switches erratically from a top-down approach where the BBC forces a musician upon the public.

In a world of UK-like businesses, review strategies properly and be the Sweden of your industry.

If your business has a big decision, could you include your entire team in the decision process? This will vary depending on the activity in question, but if you have say… a client visit coming up, could you ask different departments about what you could discuss or if there is any question you should ask them?

This will help you show employee appreciation. Even if their opinion won’t play a role in your final decision, the fact you took the time to listen to them shows them you care.

Ensure Your Business Is Inclusive

For many fans across the globe, Eurovision is the physical embodiment of inclusivity. The event champions what it’s like to be true to yourself and to live your life how you want to.

Eurovision teaches us that everybody is different and that our differences can help bring us together.

So how do we review strategy and embed this in the workplace?

As a business owner, one of your top priorities should be exploring the importance of inclusivity in the workplace. Whilst great strides have been made recently, there is still a long way to go before many businesses consider themselves inclusive.

In 2020, 16% of SME employers were led by women, with a quarter being “equally led” (male and female). In 2020, 6% of SME employers were minority ethnic group-led.

Inclusivity also goes a long way in the day-to-day running of your business. Are your employees being listened to? Do you assist them with their struggles? Do you put measures in place to ensure everyone is happy?

If you’re not, maybe you should review strategies by looking at how open and inclusive Eurovision is and taking some inspiration from there.

We should be accepting of others, their lifestyle and who they want to be. Use this year’s Eurovision as inspiration and become a more inclusive employer.

Include Your People

Learning From Eurovision - Review Strategies For Your Business

Whilst it may appear like Eurovision and business do not mix, hopefully, it’s now clear how your business can review strategies and take steps to success.

Eurovision is a time for celebration and togetherness, where individuals can thrive as themselves.

Your business could employ the same tactics and create a workspace where potential is reached and individuals thrive.