Many leaders have a leadership brand that they discover at the beginning of their careers.

When we think of leadership styles, we may think of terms such as authoritative leadership, emotional leadership or authentic leadership.

But have you thought about how colour psychology could impact how you lead?

Colour psychology is everywhere in society. It’s something we learn at a young age, and it sticks with us.

We all know that red symbolises passion, love and anger, whereas blue represents hope, calmness and peace.

Have you ever considered how colours could affect performance?

If not, maybe you should consider it. That’s because the number of leadership styles can be endless.

Luckily you, AvA-V are here to help you understand the impact of colour psychology on your leadership style.

Colours Subconsciously Signal What Type Of Leader You Are

How we feel about colours isn’t exclusive to just the colour itself, we feel the same emotions when we connect with anything in that style.

And whilst each colour has many different psychological attachments, some feelings stick with us every time we see colour.

The impact of colours bleeds throughout your business. From the design of your logo to the colours of your walls and carpets, the colour you represent your business with is vital to how people feel about you as a leader.

For example, if you’re a direct, factual and no-nonsense leader, your leadership colour could be black.

Is this represented by how you dress? Or the colours on your desk?

It’s possible.

Or, if you love to crack jokes and engage with your employees, do you have a lot of yellow in your space that shares brightness with others?

We naturally pick up on these subconscious leadership style clues based on the colours leaders associate themselves with.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment With A Different Leadership Brand

If you’re aware of the colour that reflects your leadership style, have you ever considered experimenting with it?

The best leaders are flexible, adaptable and open to new ideas.

It’s normal for you to get comfortable and embody one leadership style for the rest of your career.

But what if we told you that exploring and embodying another leadership brand could help you become a better leader?

Let’s say you’re typically a purple leader: creative, dynamic, and great at leading others by constructing a vision.

You might want to add a notch to your belt by experimenting with a different style.

The best way to start this process would be to try embodying a new style similar to your existing style.

So in this instance, a purple leader would be most similar to a yellow leader; somebody lighthearted and who likes to have fun.

This is still a person-centred leadership brand, so hypothetically something can mould yourself into.

Then, once you’re comfortable embodying this new style, you can take another step outside of your comfort zone and try something completely different. For example, a brown leader, who is complex and ambiguous.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with leadership styles that can enhance who you are.

Enhance Leadership With AvA-V

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