As people, we crave change. 

We experience boredom very easily and it is in our natural instinct to seek excitement. 

January is widely regarded as one of the best months to make changes as it is a fresh start for everyone. That’s the whole point of new years resolutions. One of the most common resolutions on New Year’s lists is the classic “New Year New Job”. 

In a survey conducted by GoCompare, finding a new job ranked amongst the top 10 items of people’s new year’s resolutions lists, with 19% of surveyed Brits saying they were looking to swap jobs in 2022.

Whilst on the surface it may appear like the new year would be the best time to start a new role, there is much debate in the recruitment sector as to whether it is actually one of the worst times of year to start applying for new roles.

Here is why you should get ahead of the curve and avoid the New Year New Job panic.


Less Competition

One of the biggest advantages of applying for new roles before the new year is the lack of competition. As Christmas approaches, a common stereotype resurfaces: business starts to slow down.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

We can’t speak for everyone, but as a recruitment agency, we never hit the breaks during the festive season. One of the trends that we have noticed is that fewer people are applying for jobs throughout December, before a big boom in January.

If you waited for the New Year New Job trend, you would face the most competition that you’d see throughout the entire year. If you apply just a month earlier, recruiters are more likely to see your application and in turn, more likely to hire you.

Don’t believe us? Take it from the Jack, a trusted AvA-V Recruitment Consultant, himself…

Recruitment Takes Time

Another key factor in the recruitment process is time.

As much as we would like it to be the case, recruitment isn’t an overnight process. Putting out a job advert, applying for roles, conducting interviews and onboarding the right candidate takes time.

Finding the correct candidate can take any amount of time and the process varies depending on the industry. For example, you may be able to fill a Recruitment Consultant role in a matter of days, but a role that requires more experience from the candidate (such as a Care Manager) would be a longer hiring process as it requires sterner background checks.

If you’re applying for new jobs that require a specific skill set and previous experience, it is highly likely that your application process will take longer. Should you quit your job and start your application process on January 1st, there is a high probability that you won’t have a new job by the end of the month.

If you were to join the new year new job trend early in December whilst staying in your current role, you could guarantee yourself both job stability and a head start in the new year new job recruitment process.

Employers Want Stability

Whilst the recruitment timelines may fluctuate, businesses are sensible and actively try to prepare for growth. This means that, even if job adverts are quieter, recruiters are always ready to spot talent when required.

Employers want to be ready for the challenges that the new year new job rush brings. If they can find the perfect candidate BEFORE the turn of the year, that’d be a big tick for you in their book.

Getting ahead of the rush means you’re able to stand out as eager, motivated and enthusiastic, the best qualities any candidate can have. This puts you at an advantage compared to those who’ve already put their feet up for Christmas. Don’t let yourself fall into the new year new job trap.

Build New Bonds

As the old saying goes, “work hard play hard”

A lot of employers reward their staff for their hard work with a Secret Santa or a staff Christmas meal and party.

Taking advantage of the festive season could work to your advantage in your New Year New Job hunt. Employers are typically positive during this period, and their positivity can help you Stay Positive During the Job Hunt.

If you have all of the qualities that a recruiter is looking for, you may just find that the Christmas cheer works in your favour. Eager recruiters looking for candidates may place you in a role before the new year new job rush starts to ease both pressure on themselves and you.

Christmas is also a great time of year for socialising and building new relationships. If you get into a new role ahead of the curve, you could be invited to Christmas parties and get-togethers; a great time to meet your new colleagues!

Key Things to Consider Before Looking for a New Job

Firstly… Think about what it is that you want to do with the next few years of your life.

Do you see a clear sense of progression in your current role, or do you need to move elsewhere to maximise your potential? 

Assess your current skill set to see if this progression is possible or if you need extra training or development to progress your career.

Consider if you really want to move on from your current role, or if you’re just looking for any change in your life… There are many differences between being bored and unhappy at work.

If you want to switch roles, plan ahead and start your application now so you don’t miss out during the new year new job frenzy. 

Even better… let a Recruiter make the whole process easier and more enjoyable by handing them your job searching reigns  **Cough Cough we mean us at AvA-V!**

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