When narrowing down candidates for a vacancy and deciding which applicant is best suited to your business, it is essential to establish what you really want.

When comparing an experienced candidate with raw talent, you may be inclined to choose the first, as they can get stuck in and crack on with the job immediately, right?

If you pick this approach, you may be making a very costly mistake.

High-ceiling employees possess the raw talent your business may need to take your next steps.

for example, every year, approximately 800,000 people graduate in the UK. Surely, with such a mass number of graduates, it might be worth exploring your options.

Here’s why your business should consider mass hiring to enhance your recruitment process.

Raw Talent Can Be Moulded To Your Liking

For some employers, a lack of practical experience can completely ruin an application. Even if a candidate possesses fantastic industry knowledge, a lack of work experience can deter recruiters from progressing their application.

Here’s an alternate stance on this viewpoint.

A lack of experience could work in your favour when hiring raw talent. It means your potential candidates won’t have preset ways of working or be opposed to change.

Candidates with raw talent will possess basic knowledge and know-how of the industry but lack the experience of putting their knowledge into practice.

This means that you can shape your new hires to your liking. If your business has a set way of working, you can show them these ways as you skill them up however you desire.

Moulding candidates to suit your business needs is a clever alternative that will address specific pain points.

You get the knowledge and the skill without the stubbornness of an experienced candidate.

Raw Talent Possess Soft Skills

New hires can develop new knowledge and transferable skills.

A candidate with lot of pre-existing knowledge may struggle to adapt if they cannot implement it into their work.

In LinkedIn’s 2019 Global Talent Trends report, 89% of recruiters say that when a hire fails, it usually comes down to a lack of soft skills.

So how can you begin hiring people with the required soft skills for your role?

Candidates with soft skills should be capable of confidently communicating their skills, both in their CV and interview. Some of the skills you should look out for include:

  • Time Management – Did they arrive at their interview early?
  • Writing Skills – Was their application easy to read? Was it written in proper English with good spelling and grammar?
  • Communication Skills – Could they clearly navigate the application process with strong communication skills? Did they listen to you throughout your conversation?

If a candidate can display these skills and more, they may be a valuable asset to your business.

You can teach somebody how to do the job if they’re willing to be taught. Mentoring a candidate who lacks soft skills will be trickier.

Why You Should Be Hiring Graduates

Your New Hires Will Future-Proof Your Business

One of the best things about raw talent is that you can hire en masse.

When exploring the graduate talent pool, you’ll likely want to fill entry-level positions that won’t require vast amounts of experience.

When hiring for these roles, you can often afford to take on multiple hires at once (because they’re cheaper to fill than senior positions).

Hiring multiple executives at once is an effective way of future-proofing your business. 

If your workforce consists of experienced individuals, you may see several hires in the next few years. To prevent future issues, you can face the problem now to prepare your business for the future.

The solution? Volume hiring!

According to StandOut CV, Graduate job applications increased by 41% in comparison to the previous year (2022). Why not get ahead of the curve and hire talent that can future-proof your business and accelerate growth?

What To Look Out For When Hiring Raw Talent

So now you’ve decided volume hiring is right for you. you. You’ve got a strategy in place, and you’re ready to start hiring – great!

The only problem is, you don’t know what you’re looking for…

For volume hiring to be effective, you must understand how to adapt your recruitment process. Utilising your usual recruitment techniques may be ineffective when hiring raw talent.

Here are some key traits to look out for when hiring raw talent.

  1. Pay Attention To How They Communicate

Whilst some candidates may not have the experience that you would require of senior executives, knowing how to communicate knowledge will show you the type of employee they’ll be. 

If they can clearly explore their experience, present it confidently and are assured in their answers, they could be one of the strongest candidates you interview.

2. Clock The Experience They Do Have

You can distinguish between a good and a great candidate by analysing how much they’ve committed themselves to their knowledge and looked to grow their experience. Have they undertaken paid/unpaid work whilst they’ve been studying? Is their experience relevant to the role they’re interviewing for? You can identify the best candidates with raw talent by how much they’ve engaged with their careers.

3. Evaluate The Culture Fit

The best candidates embody and share values with the company that they’re applying for. By applying for roles with businesses they see themselves fitting in with, these candidates are more likely to be enthusiastic about the role

If you have applicants whose aspirations match those of your business, they may be the candidates you need to take your business up a notch.

Hiring Graduates With AvA-V

Could Volume Recruitment Solve Your Recruitment Problems

If you’re looking to onboard new talent and you’ve hit a recruitment roadblock, hiring raw talent could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Not only are these candidates eager to begin their professional careers, but they also come equipped with transferable skills that can help them settle into their roles much quicker.

They also don’t possess little previous work experience, which means you can mould them to suit the needs of your business. Hiring raw talent will also allow you to future-proof your business, should you face a wave of retirement in the near future.

Hiring new employees could be the solution to your recruitment problems. If you need assistance spotting the best raw graduate talent, our dedicated recruiters are ready to help you with your next hire.