At AvA-V, we don’t just offer traditional classroom training.

Along with virtual and one-to-one training, we also offer e-learning solutions.

We understand that people learn in different ways and that businesses all have varying demands on their schedules. This is why we offer multiple ways to upskill and train. We deliver our training programmes to suit the needs of each participant, as well as your company.

From innovative virtual solutions to tried-and-tested classroom teaching, we tailor our approach to deliver the best results for your business. Our expert trainers take the time to understand your goals, so we can develop a bespoke plan to help you get there. It’s a flexible, results-driven way to nurture and develop skills within your organisation.

Assessing Learning Styles

As individuals, we learn and retain information in different ways. For example, some people are visual or spatial learners. These people learn best with visual cues, along with the chance to write down or map out their thoughts.

Others are verbal learners, who excel at both the written and spoken word. This group often processes information by reading content aloud, or having it spoken to them.

There are also:

· Physical or kinaesthetic learners

· Auditory-musical learners

· Logical or mathematical learners

· Social or interpersonal learners

· Solitary or intrapersonal learners.

One of our strengths here at AvA-V is the ability to assess and identify learning styles. This enables us to develop a bespoke training programme that not only works best for your company, but for the individual too.

Take the last two learning styles on this list, for example – social and solitary learners. These two groups require completely different approaches to help participants get the most from their training.

Our training leaders know that social learners tend to benefit from workshops and group sessions. In these environments, they can bounce ideas off others and work through issues as a group.

For solitary learners, one-to-one workshops could be far more beneficial. This group can learn best when given time for self-analysis and independent thinking. What’s more, they tend to be motivated by training programmes which prioritise clear objectives and outcomes.

Embracing Learning Styles with Flexible, Bespoke Training Solutions from AvA-V

Meeting Company Needs

If you don’t have time for a lengthy classroom-based course, AvA-V can work around you. So, if you can’t spare your team for a day’s training, why not take advantage of our virtual training solutions instead? If a participant needs some more face-to-face time with one of our trainers, that’s no problem.

You’ll get the same standard of training, and the same results. But crucially, you’ll benefit from a tailored programme that doesn’t disrupt your business. Your team gain valuable skills, but they aren’t locked in a classroom all day.

This flexibility unlocks enhanced training solutions for businesses and individuals of all kinds. Regardless of learning styles or time restrictions, we’ll develop the perfect plan just for you.

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