From increasing job satisfaction and morale amongst employees to improving efficiencies in processes, strategies and products, not to mention boosting staff motivation, employee training comes with a myriad of benefits to businesses of all sizes and industries – but also a number of training myths!

AvA-V, specialists in helping companies develop their leadership population, upgrade their sales team and enhance customer service professionalism through effective training programmes, explores the most common myths of training.

Training Myth One: It’s a Free Lunch

Granted, training, when stretched over the course of a day or over lunchtime, can involve a free lunch for employees.

However, the benefits of enrolling employees on training courses like AvA-V’s customer service training, professional sales training, leadership and coaching, and train the trainer courses, certainly extend much further than merely being a free lunch!

Training Myth Two: It’s a Waste of Money

Another common training myth is that professional training courses are a waste of money. On the contrary, by equipping your customer service team with the skills required to make your customers feel like VIPs on our Customer Service Training course, or by increasing the quality of sales teams that AvA-V’s elite training team promises on our Professional Sales Training, can your business afford not to send employees on training?

Six of the Biggest and Most Common Training Myths

Training Myth Three: It’s Expensive

Whilst employee and professional training doesn’t come for free, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Most importantly, it’s an investment in your employees, their morale and performance, your business, services and products, and ultimately your bottom line.

Offering the right training, can not only improve productivity within the workforce but can result in lower turnover rates, which, in turn, positively affects a company’s bottom line.

In this sense, rather than being expensive, training is an invaluable business investment.

Training Myth Four: It’s All Theoretical and Not Practical

The best training sessions combine a fun, interactive and engaging environment with both theoretical and practical input, advice, information and support.

Make a training session dull and too focused on theory and its participants will switch off and go away with little from the course.

For training sessions to work at their optimum, they should combine theory and practical elements in an engaging and interactive way.

For example, AvA-V offers a modern, fresh and dynamic approach to training courses.  Our elite training team create a practical environment for all to learn in, regardless of their experience or position.

Common Training Myths

Training Myth Five: I Won’t be Able to Use This in my Job

Another common training myth is that an employee believes they won’t be able to use the training in their job.

Providing they are sent on the right course so it complies with their position and career aims and objectives, and the training is delivered in an engaging way, carried out by professional trainers, it should provide another string to their career bow.

Training Myth Six: It’s a Tick Box Exercise

Businesses that approach staff training for the right reasons, such as providing critical members of staff with the right training to help progress their careers and improve their performance, are doing much more than ‘ticking’ boxes.

Offering staff the chance to learn new skills and improve existing ones, brings multiple advantages both to individual members of the team and the business as a whole and is much more than a box-ticking exercise.

For high-quality training that debunks the many erroneous myths in circulation about staff training, take a look at our training programmes here, or get in touch with AvA-V to start developing your team for all the right reasons.