Over the coming years, the number of brand new hyperscale data centres is due to more than double.

There will also be some reforming of existing data centres to boost capacity and increase production.

These changes mean that, over the next six years, the number of operational hyperscale data centres will more than triple.

And it’s all because of AI.

The Numbers In The Data Centre News

Synergy Research Group believes the total number of worldwide data centres has doubled in the last five years.

By mid-2023, there were 926 major data centres in operation worldwide, with a further 427 under construction and expected to be ready in the coming years.

It’s reported that half of cloud data centres will be deployed with AI capabilities by 2025.

How It’s Been Achieved

The predicative and automative nature of AI has led to an increase in efficiency, the automation of operations and improved resource efficiency.

In turn, this has freed up time for business growth and expansion, resulting in a process that benefits providers and end-users.

Aside from AI, there are other factors that have created this global forecast. Modern technologies, such as streaming, gaming and self-driving cars each contribute to the growth of worldwide data centres.

Changes To The Design?

One of AI’s biggest impacts is on data centre design.

AI and machine learning have helped global DC companies with their design, making marketed improvements to efficiency levels.

According to Gensler, AI-specific data centres have pushed densities and cooling loads much higher than traditional colocation and hyperscale data centres.

Due to these changes, the effectiveness of traditional means of cooling a data centre will drop drastically, essentially forcing data centres towards the age of automation.

The Future Of Data Centres?

As exciting and innovative as the data centre news about AI has been, staying aware of potential sudden changes in the market is vital. Remember, now that AI has its claws in data centre growth, there’ll be no slowing down.

Old and new data centres alike must evolve along with tech to provide an efficient and effective service.

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