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Global Learning & Development Director

Hi Ben,

Thank you for meeting with me today to discuss your Training / Recruitment / Volume Hiring needs. 

We understand how important the decision of choosing a solution partner is to support the growth of your business and achieve a genuine return on your investment. To give you peace of mind that AvA-V is the best partnership for you:

94% of our clients repurchase within 12 months due to the service they receive and the results achieved – that’s around 50% higher than the average repurchase rate. 

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  • An overview of what AvA-V’s renowned 7-Star Experience looks like in more detail.
  • A recent case study from one of our Training / Recruitment / Volume Hiring clients and the results they’ve achieved to date from their solution.
  • solution.
  • What the next steps are with AvA-V for us to then get your solution in motion. 

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What To Expect From

Our 7-Star Experience

Number One

Designated Account Manager

The saying “it takes a village” applies to many scenerios in life.

Most commonly associated with the act of successfuly raising a child, at AvA-V we believe that for you to secure the greatest return on your investment and achieve …. results, our ‘village’ must be dedicated to you.

This comprises of being partnered with:

  • Delivery Consultant – whether that be a Recruiter or Sales Trainer/s – whose skillset directly correlates with the aim of your solution. 
  • A Training & Recruitment Coordinator ; they’ll manage the logistics and ensure you receive a streamlined and efficient solution. 
  • Your Designated Account Manager ; that’ll regularly check-in with you to ensure that you are recieving our 7-star service and nothing less.

    With the correct people in place to design, execute and report on your solution, only magical things will happen. 

    Number Two

    At Your Fingertips

    Once we’re partnered, you’re never too far from AvA-V.

    Whether it’s your dedicated Account Manager or Delivery Team Leader, somebody will always be on hand should an update on your continued successes.

    We’ll schedule regular meetings and send you detailed weekly reports of the progress we’re making on your solution.
    But if you just want a quick 5-minute catchup, that works with us too!

    We’re only ever a phone call, email or video message away.

    Number Three

    WhatsApp Channel

    We set up a WhatsApp group for all our clients, and both you and your delivery team will be in the group.

    We believe this ensures first-class communication between us and everybody participating in your solution.

    Creating a dedicated WhatsApp channel allows us to share updates with your cohort and allow for open and honest communication whilst also providing bonus hints and tips.
    This said, we still pick up the phone to clients regularly and send emails with additional information for you to store.

    Whatever form, you’re guaranteed to hear from us very regularly.

    Number Four

    An Extensions Of Your Team

    We don’t believe in fitting square pegs into round holes.

    This is why you’ll never receive an off-the-shelf solution from AvA-V.

    This starts with a consultative approach.

    We take the time to understand your business, what you desire from your bespoke solution and how we can seamlessly integrate your solution into the day-to-day running of your business.

    We’re ready to learn about your business, what you do, and how your industry is shaping up for the year ahead.

    Nobody knows more about your business than you, but learn as much as possible about you before your programme commences.

    We’re not here to replace – think of us as an extension of your internal team.

    Number Five

    Tailored Reporting

    Our support doesn’t just end once your training has concluded.

    You’ll receive a post-programme overview that breaks down the success of your campaign with AvA-V and monitors performance to guarantee ROI.

    Post-completion surveys that gain participant feedback, understanding what they’ve gained from their experience and how they can implement this in their role.

    You’ll also receive individual feedback from your project team leader. This shines a light on who engaged the most, who took the lead and who’s most likely to retain their newfound knowledge past the conclusion of their training.

    Number Six

    Future Preferential Rates

    We know that you’ll love what we do, and we want to thank you for your commitment to AvA-V.

    As a valued customer, if you want to experience any of our other bespoke solutions, you’ll receive a preferential discount for continuing to use AvA-V.

    Let’s say you purchase bespoke training from us the first time around, you’d be eligible for preferential rates on our dedicated volume hiring and bespoke recruitment solutions too.

    Number Seven

    Nothing We'd Say 'No' To!

    At the end of the day, we want to help your business grow, so if theres something that we may not have discussed, or want to include later on down the line, we’ll do the everything we can to support you.

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